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ZoneEL08 gas cannon

The ZonEL08 is a gas cannon with a digital clock and many settings that scare birds away from the site. Many farmers and berry growers in Finland have already found that the ZonEl08 gas cannon

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Goodnature A24 rat traps

The Goodnature A24 Mice and Rat Trap is a safe and environmentally friendly way to eliminate rat problems. Over 1200 traps sold in Finland alone are proof that consumers want a long-lasting trap that self-resets

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Agrilaser Handheld 500

The Agrilaser Handheld 500 has proven to be one of the most effective scarers when it comes to scaring away barnacle geese. The handheld laser makes it possible to scare away birds from any location.

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Car care

Tershine car care products

You can buy Tershine car care products from the Autogloss.fi online store. Agrolink is the official importer and distributor of Tershine car care products in Finland. All products come with Finnish and Swedish labels and

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Solar pumps

Field trial with solar-powered water pump

Field trial on Söderfjärden in summer 2021 show that sub-irrigation with a solar pump resulted in a 47% increase in yield. In summer 2021, sub-irrigation with a solar-powered water pump was tested on Söderfjärden. The

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Founded in 1997, Agrolink is today a thriving multi-sector company with several activities. Our activities consist of:

  • Importing and selling leading brands that are the best in specific fields.
  • IT services to small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Portal services for Swedish-speaking farmers in Finland.

Sustainability as a keyword

We are determined to develop our products and services with sustainability as our guiding principle. We want to make a difference by doing our part to ensure our children and grandchildren experience a better world.

Sustainable consumption and the circular economy have long been a common thread in the development of our services and products. We sell and use a lot of reconditioned IT equipment ourselves, and our Findit.fi service has long been a pioneer in the circular economy, enabling more environmentally friendly consumption.

We aim to ensure that all the products we import, sell and develop are

  • environmentally friendly
  • efficient and easy to use
  • circular

We take our producer responsibility for granted and cooperate with Elker, Recser, Tukes and Stuk to implement our producer responsibility obligations.

Services and products

Tershine car care products

We act as an importer and distributor of tershine car care products in Finland.

Goodnature mice and rat traps

We act as an importer and distributor for Goodnature in Finland.

AVIX laser bird scarer

We act as an importer of AVIX laser scarecrows in Finland.

Gas guns from Dazon

We act as an importer and distributor of ZON LPG guns in Finland.

Finpower jump starter

We are the importer and distributor of Finpower jump starters in Finland.

Gallagher electric fence products

We are the distributor and dealer of Gallagher electric fences in Finland.

IT services and hardware

Websites, web shops, cloud-based services, support and user assistance.

Findit buy and sell site

The subsidiary Find it Finland operates the Findit.fi buying and selling website.

Solar powered water pumps

We are an importer of solar-powered water pumps for sub-irrigation.

Groundwater pipes with cloud service

Groundwater pipe with soil moisture meter and rain gauge. Cloud service.

Our history

We were born in Ostrobothnia and started in 1997 as a pure IT company with the intention of providing rural entrepreneurs with Internet and email services. We still run email and portal services for Swedish rural entrepreneurs in Finland, which we are proud of. Over the years, new opportunities have arisen and today we offer services and products in various business areas, from importing and selling products to expert services in IT via Webcore.

1997 – Agrolink is founded and acts as an ISP for Swedish-speaking farmers in Finland.

1999 – Sale of IT equipment, service and support.

2001 – Subsidiary company Webcore is founded.

2002 – The Dealhunter business tool for quotes and requests for proposals is launched.

2003 – Potato leaf blight forecasting system launched on weather.agrolink.net

2004 – The Findit.fi buying and selling portal is launched. Online shop for IT equipment is launched.

2005 – ISP services are terminated and subscribers move to DSL connections via local telecom operators. Email services continue to be provided in-house.

2006 – Internet-based member registration system is launched.

2010 – Sale of surveillance systems through Guardit.fi

2011 – Import and sale of scarecrows (gas guns, scarecrow kites with telescopic rods, bird spikes, etc.).

2012 – Cooperation and sale of email marketing services via Mailterlite.com. Sales of Microsoft 365 services begin. Open-source systems such as WordPress, Drupal and Magento are being adopted.

2013 – Launch of the online shop.webcore.fi (sale of IT equipment)

2015 – Import and sale of and Finpower jump starter.

2016 – Import and sale of Bird Control laser scanners throughout the Nordic region

2017 – Resale and integration of Briox financial system to online stores using the Magento platform.

2018 – Import and sale of the Goodnature mouse and rat trap. Gallagher electric fencing.

2019 – Sale of reconditioned IT equipment (computers, monitors, servers) from Inrego.

2020 – Development and sale of solar-powered water pumps for sub-irrigation. Findit.fi becomes a separate subsidiary under the name Find it Finland Ltd.

2021 – Import, distribution and sale of Tershine car care products through the Autogloss.fi online store. Experiments with continuous irrigation using a solar-powered water pump on Söderfjärden showed a 47% increase in yield.

2022 – Development of IOT sensors and cloud services for measuring groundwater, soil moisture and precipitation.