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The Goodnature A24 Mice and Rat Trap is a safe and environmentally friendly way to eliminate rat problems. Over 1200 traps sold in Finland alone are proof that consumers want a long-lasting trap that self-resets after each catch.

Some tips

  1. Remove other sources of food. Rats are smart. They will always look for the easiest, safest and of course most delicious food they can get their teeth into. If you have other traps with bait, compost containers, garbage bags or pet food, they have no reason to explore the Goodnature trap you installed. Rats are very suspicious, and will stick to the food they know is safe.
  2. Place the Goodnature A24 trap and test that it works. As the Goodnature trap is automatic and resets automatically itself after each catch, it is important that it is placed in the right place and that other food sources are removed. If the farm is large, more traps may be needed and the rule is to place the traps at a distance of about 50 meters from each other.
  3. Use “Goodnature A24 Bait for Mice and Rats” and feed the area around the trap. Feed by placing 10-12 clicks of bait at ground level within a 20m radius of your trapping site. This helps alert the rats to the new food source and makes the rats search for it… and that’s when they find it in your Goodnature A24 trap.