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Now is the time to pre-order solar water pumps for delivery in April-May 2024.

Fill in the the pre-order form by 29.10.2023 and we will reserve the ordered pumps for you for the next growing season (spring 2024).

You can also reserve your water pump by sending an email to: sales@agrolink.net or calling us on 06-347 5800.

Info with technical data on different photovoltaic water pump packages.

Field trials on Söderfjärden in summer 2021 show that sub-irrigation with a solar pump resulted in a 47% increase in yield.

Under-irrigation has been proven to work and produce a bigger crop, and the benefits are even greater when it comes to longer periods of minimal rainfall. If you have regulating wells in your fields, just set up the pump in the spring and bring it in for the winter. Applicants for sub-irrigation aid are required to purchase water pumps for all parcels for which aid is requested.

Which pump to choose?

As a basic rule, you can start from the area you want to irrigate and also take into account how much water the drainage pipes can take. To help you, take a look at the table where we have listed pump packages in relation to how many hectares they are able to irrigate in really sunny and dry conditions.

To order

Fill in the the pre-order form by 29.10.2023 or contact us by email sales@agrolink.net or call us on 06 347 55800.