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ZoneEL08 gas cannon

The ZonEL08 is a gas cannon with a digital clock and many settings that scare birds away from the site. Many farmers and berry growers

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Goodnature A24 rat traps

The Goodnature A24 Mice and Rat Trap is a safe and environmentally friendly way to eliminate rat problems. Over 1200 traps sold in Finland alone

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Agrilaser Handheld 500

The Agrilaser Handheld 500 has proven to be one of the most effective scarers when it comes to scaring away barnacle geese. The handheld laser

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Car care

Tershine car care products

You can buy Tershine car care products from the Autogloss.fi online store. Agrolink is the official importer and distributor of Tershine car care products in

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