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Field trial on Söderfjärden in summer 2021 show that sub-irrigation with a solar pump resulted in a 47% increase in yield.

In summer 2021, sub-irrigation with a solar-powered water pump was tested on Söderfjärden. The trial fields were divided into 3 different plots. One plot was left unirrigated, one plot was irrigated with a gasoline pump and the third plot was continuously irrigated for 48 days with a 17 m3 solar powered water pump. The results of the trials are shown below.

Crop: KWS Mistral spring wheat, sowing density: 670 plants/m2

Fertilization: 75 kg N/ha


IrrigationHarvest kg/haAdditional yield kg/haIncrease
Solar pump8 1442 61947 %
Petrol pump6 9651 44026 %
Unirrigated5 52500

The results show that the additional yield was as much as 2,619 kg/ha with a solar-powered water pump. The harvest increase gives a net of 644 €/ha according to the wheat price in week 42 and the whole experimental field of 7.5 ha gave 4 832 € more in hand compared to the non-irrigated parcel.