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Digital groundwater pipe with sensors linked to a cloud service

Digital groundwater pipe with pressure sensor and multi-data transmitter that measures the depth of the groundwater and sends the data to a cloud service where it can be read on a mobile phone or computer. Other sensors that can be linked to the multi-data transmitter:

  • Soil moisture and temperature sensor
  • Rain gauges

Multi-data transmitters use the Sigfox network to send data to a cloud service. The annual cost of the connection is only €18/year.

A solar panel with charge controller and pipe mount is also available as an optional extra.

More sensors and connectivity via LoRaWAN are coming in spring 2024.

Digital groundwater tubes developed by Agrolink are designed to be used in sub-irrigation to know where the groundwater is in the field and what the temperature and moisture conditions are throughout the crop’s growing season. This means that the data can ultimately be used to better understand the role of water in the emergence and yield potential of different plants.